Hi, I’m Sherry Jiekun Qian!

Sherry Jiekun Qian is an industrial designer. She has 3 years’ work experience in industrial design environment with ideation, concept development and product refinement being the design process that she excels at. She got her Bachelor of Engineer in Industrial Design degree from Beijing Forestry University in Beijing, China, worked as industrial designer at State Key Lab of Rail Traffic Control & Safety for one year and did two product design internships. After that, she came to the US to pursue the Master of Fine Art in Industrial Design at Rochester Institute of Technology, where she worked as teaching assistant and machine shop advisor. During the master program, she did a wide variety of projects individually as well as cooperated with people from different fields and went to Denmark for Scandinavian Design and Furniture Design programs. Currently she works as a junior industrial designer at American Standard Brands, focusing on kitchen and bath product design. 

For Sherry, design is a multidisciplinary field. She always keeps an updated view on the ever-changing social and cultural conditions as well as new materials and emerging technologies. In her opinion, designer's sympathetic understanding of the subtlest needs of users is really important. Being a resourceful, creative and user-centered problem-solver, designer and story-teller, she is committed to use her expertise and experience in design to make life more efficient and enjoyable.